On-device Processing

Works on iOS, Android support coming soon.

Real-time Processing

30k words on iPhone 6, more on iPhone 6s and 7.

Deep Neural Networks

State-of-the-art engine based on Kaldi research framework.


Extract user's intent. (coming soon)

Professional Services

Integration, customization of language and acoustic models.


Spoken Language Instruction and Assessment, Early Reading, Early childhood games

Gaming, AR, VR

Add voice inteface to your Game


Simplify user experience with voice search in your app

Voice Control in Apps

Circumvent complex navigation

Simple Conversational Interfaces

Build Simple Voice Bots in Your Apps


Review documentation, download the framework and the ASR Bundle (librispeech-nnet2-en-us), and review our proof-of-concept app on Github.

Contact us for commercial licensing and professional services: info@keenresearch.com.

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