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A C D G I K O P R S T V 


initWithASRBundleAtPath(String, Context) - Static method in class com.keenresearch.keenasr.KASRRecognizer
Initialize ASR engine with the ASR Bundle located at the provided path.
installASRBundle(ArrayList<String>, String) - Method in class com.keenresearch.keenasr.KASRBundle
Installs ASR bundle with the given name in the app-based directory in the device filesystem.
intValue() - Method in enum com.keenresearch.keenasr.KASRRecognizer.KASRRecognizerLogLevel
intValue() - Method in enum com.keenresearch.keenasr.KASRRecognizer.KASRRecognizerState
intValue() - Method in enum com.keenresearch.keenasr.KASRRecognizer.KASRVadParameter
isASRBundleInstalled(String, String) - Method in class com.keenresearch.keenasr.KASRBundle
Checks if ASR Bundle is installed in the given directory.
isEchoCancellationAvailable() - Method in class com.keenresearch.keenasr.KASRRecognizer
isEmpty() - Method in class com.keenresearch.keenasr.KASRResult
Is recognition result empty.
isTag() - Method in class com.keenresearch.keenasr.KASRWord
False for real words, true for tags, e.g.
A C D G I K O P R S T V 
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