On-device Speech Recognition for Enterprise Mobile Apps

Increase productivity, safety, and efficiency of your corporate and frontline employees

KeenASR SDK is a software development kit for on-device automatic speech recognition on mobile devices and custom hardware platforms. The SDK runs on iOS, Android, Linux, and ChromeOS operating systems.

KeenASR SDK offers a number of advantages over cloud-based ASR services for use in mobile apps and custom hardware products used in enterprises. KeenASR SDK allows you to empower your corporate and frontline employees with an effective voice interface, increasing safety, efficiency, and productivity.

The SDK is designed with privacy in mind; since all the processing happens locally, speech data doesn't need to leave the device. This in turn provides compliance with various privacy and security requirements in an enterprise setting.

Key Features

On Device Processing

On-device Processing

Works offline; real-time results, without latency; always-on listening; GDPR and HIPAA compliant; no need to scale your backend to address peaks in usage.

Deep Neural Networks

Robust and Customizable

Speech recognition that works in noisy environments and can be customized for domain-specific vocabulary, terminology, or jargon.

Cross Platform Support

Cross Platform Support

iOS, Android, and Linux. Grow your customer base and increase revenue for voice-based products that run on all relevant mobile platforms.

Development Tools

Developer Friendly

Simple, easy to integrate, API; Unity support; easy to evaluate via trial SDK; cloud based tools for development support; ability to programmatically define what the recognizer is listening to at any given time.

Relevant Use Cases

KeenASR SDK can be effectively used in the following scenarios:

  • Hands-free voice control: voice-picking, checklists, guided workflows and procedures
  • Voice-control for kiosks and PoS
  • Hands-free data entry
  • Domain specific virtual assistants
  • Domain specific dictation/notes
  • Voice-based app navigation
  • Remote Assistance
  • Training and simulation
  • AR & VR applications
  • Custom hardware devices

Hardware and System Requirements

KeenASR SDK provides on-device automatic speech recognition functionality for mobile devices running iOS, Android, and Linux operating systems. SDK can also run on the majority of recent standalone AR and VR headsets (Pico, Quest, etc.). The SDK is linked against your mobile application and requires access to the ASR Bundle for each language your app needs to support. ASR Bundles are typically included in your app, but they could also be downloaded the first time your application starts.

  • OS: iOS 11 or later. Android 5.0 or later.
  • CPU: A8 (iPhone 6 or newer; equivalent iPads, and Android devices)
  • RAM: ~100MB or more
  • Storage: ~30MB of on-device storage for the ASR Bundle

Apps powered by KeenASR SDK

We provide professional services for SDK integration, proof-of-concept development, customization of language and acoustic models, and porting to custom hardware platforms.