Careers at Keen Research

We are small, profitable company located in scenic Marin, just a few miles north of San Francisco. Our goal is to empower software developers with tools that allow them to easily create voice-enabled apps and products with on-device speech recognition capabilities that do not require an internet connection. We are disciplined, frugal, and focused on solutions to real problems in various industries.

Our customers include companies that help kids learn how to read or learn a new language, robotics and medical companies, gaming companies, companies that develop enterprise solutions, large entertainment companies, medical device manufacturers, and companies that build domain-specific virtual assistants. Apps and products that use KeenASR SDK have processed tens of millions of audio responses and tens of thousands of hours of audio.

We are taking the path less traveled; the company has been bootstrapped, has a number of paying customers, and is now ready to expand the team. We strongly believe that a small, tight-knit group of smart people can make a huge impact. This is where you come in...