Keen Research provides a free trial version of the SDK for both iOS and Android (including Unity plugin) and web, as well as the English ASR Bundle that can be used with the trial SDKs. ASR Bundles for other langauges and English ASR Bundles optimized for kids are available upon request.

You can evaluate the trial version of the SDK in your own app, or you can review and test the iOS (Objective C, Swift) or Android proof-of-concept apps that we provide on Github. If you already have a test set of transcribed recordings, we can provide the OS X or Linux command line utilities for batch evaluation.

We recommend you start with the general overview pages to get familiar with general concepts. From there, we recommend you move on to documentation for your platform of interest (iOS, Android, Web, and/or Unity) and then try the corresponding PoC apps.

If you end up cloning one of the PoC apps for initial testing, please make sure to review their README files, as there are some caveats around checkout on both iOS and Android. The main goal of the PoC apps is to showcase how the SDK can be used in an app; you can easily modify the PoC app to mimic a lot of simple use cases that may be relevant to your needs.

Alternatively, you can download the trial SDK and English ASR Bundle, and integrate it into your own app. We provide Installation and Quick Start pages for each platform.

For Unity plugin, we don’t provide a sample project on Github, but there is sample code on Gist to showcase basic use of the Unity plugin.

A few things you should keep in mind:

  • The SDK only works on real devices; you’ll get linker errors if you try to compile it for a simulator.
  • If you are doing development on a Windows box, there are some caveats related to Git and configuration files in ASR Bundles (for details see the README file of the PoC project).
  • The app will need audio recording permission to capture audio properly; most Android versions automatically prompt the user to grant permission.
  • When the app crashes after 15min, simply start it again to continue your evaluation, or reload the web page in case of KeenASR SDK for Web