To install the KeenASR Java Script library in your web projects perform the following steps:

1. Download the Latest Version of the KeenASR for Web SDK

  1. Download the trial SDK (this archive will include a default ASR Bundle as well)

  2. Unzip the archive.

For security purposes, in order to run Web Assembly (which KeenASR SDK for Web uses) you will need to configure the server to serve relevant pages in a cross-origin isolation state. Configuration will be server specific, but below we provide suggestion for nginx web server. Other web servers will likely have similar configuration settings.

# This whole section sould go under the relevant server (https) section of the config file
	include mime.types;
        types {
	     application/wasm wasm;

# This will setup cross-origin isolation only for /demos subdirectory
       	 location /demos/ {
	 	 add_header 'Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy' 'require-corp';
		 add_header 'Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy' 'same-origin';