You can contact us with questions and feedback about the SDKs. Before contacting us, please first review the FAQ and documentation for your target plaftorm.

Note that SDKs provide ways to set log levels for SDK internal logging (currently provided via XCode or Android Studio console). Setting the log level to debug may reveal additional information that may help you resolve the issue you are facing.

On iOS you would do the following before you initialize the SDK:

[KIOSRecognizer setLogLevel:KIOSRecognizerLogLevelDebug];

On Android:


Note that some Android manufacturers (e.g. Huawei) by default disable Debug and Verbose log levels in logcat. You can usually enable this setting; for more details see this link.

If you are having problems with linking your app against KeenASR SDK, please keep in mind that the SDK does not run on the simulator (only real device); when compiling for the simulator you will get linker errors.

On iOS, due to the size of the library, iOS proof-of-concept project on Github uses git-lfs to manage library file. If git-lfs was not properly setup when you cloned the project, the library file at KeenASR.framework/Versions/Current/KeenASR will be very small (few thousand bytes) and it will be a text, git-lfs reference, file instead of a binary file.

How to Report a Bug

When reporting a bug, please provide the following information:

  • OS Name and Version (e.g. Android 7.0)
  • Device Name and Model (e.g. iPhone 6)
  • What you were trying to do and what (unexpectedly) happened
  • Full log output as a text file (you can copy/paste the console log output in a log file). Please make sure log level for the SDK is set at debug level.

Report a bug via email and attach text log file(s) to the email.