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Improving Literacy One Step App at a Time

The value of literacy is far-reaching – for individuals and society. Literacy is good for your health, builds skills, improves the economy, promotes gender equality, strengthens democracy, and enhances quality of life.

And yet, for all its benefits, improving literacy is still a challenge. According to the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics, 34% of students score below reading level in fourth grade.[1] And while most states have seen childhood literacy improve since 2003, five states have seen it decline

Author: Ognjen Todic | September 28, 2022

How We Started With On-device Speech Recognition: The Story of Keen Research

It all began about six years ago when a friend jokingly complained to me about the repetitive chore of helping his daughter practice her multiplication facts. “Why isn’t there an app for that?” he asked.

Author: Ognjen Todic | September 14, 2022

We provide professional services for SDK integration, proof-of-concept development, customization of language and acoustic models, and porting to custom hardware platforms.